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The end of DIDesign

Okay well not really. A couple of months ago I stopped and looked at my brand identity and I was a little disappointed with what I saw. I wasn’t disappointed with my work but with the name of my identity. To me DIDesign isn’t a very creative name for a brand and to be honest I kind of slapped the name together in like 2 minutes back when I first started. I also felt that sense I’ve moved more into photography that the name DIDesign doesn’t really apply to both of them, it only really applies to design.

So there I was thinking that I need a new brand that had a more creative name, something that was more orignal and I could use for anything. My solution was fairly easy and was pretty much staring me in the face since even before I started DIDesign. Anyways to cut to the case my new brand identity well be known as RapidConversation.

RapidConversation basically covers everything I was looking for in a brand. It was more creative and original, plus I could use it for both Design and Photography. Now I’m sure you’re saying “Devin, what the hell does the name RapidConversation have to do with Photography or Design” and all I have to say is if James White can Signalnoise for his design brand when neither Signal or Noise have anything to do with Graphic Design, then I think I can use Rapidconversation for Design and Photography.

Anyways pretty much everything I have that was under the name DIDesign is now RapidConversation (except for this blog). I’m going to start posting my pieces on my other blog, which is already called RapidConversation. I don’t plan on deactivating this blog or anything simply because I’m an ass and I don’t want anyone else to have it.

…..oh and I technically made the switch from DIDesign to RapidConversation over a month ago, I was just to lazy to type something up about it until now.

Designed as part of an assignment for my Design class. The black words are tourist attractions and places of interest, the yellow words are adjectives and the red words are areas within New York City. There is a total of 92 words. It was challenging to come up with enough words while trying to fit them in.  

The Photo used for the background was taken by Vivienne Gucwa (Clicking her name will take to the photo)
As part of my Design unit project I had create a magazine cover for Spin magazine as well as make up a band to feature on the cover. The name of the band I made up is “The Disco Santa’s” 
This me with my bff’s Brandon (left) and Alex (right)
P.S. This is my 100th post on DI Design :D
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